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IV therapy presents a rapid solution for alleviating conditions like migraines, hangovers, morning sickness, and fatigue. By infusing your body with essential nutrients, cellular recovery is expedited, and overall bodily rejuvenation is facilitated. Traditional consumption of these nutrients typically entails passage through the digestive tract, causing delayed effects and limited benefits. Conversely, mobile IV therapy bypasses the digestive process, allowing direct administration of nutrients into your bloodstream. Consequently, your cells readily absorb an amplified quantity of nutrients, resulting in prompt relief, revitalization, and a surge of energy to reinvigorate your vitality. All concoctions can be tailored to your precise requirements and preferences.

Provider Qualifications Include:

  • Current BLS
  • Current unrestricted driver’s license
  • Possesses the ability to do basic drug calculations with accuracy
  • Experience in ER and Critical Care
  • Proven expertise in IV starts
  • Can travel to different locations each day
  • Enjoys working with people
  • Comfortable working independently in the patient’s home
  • Self-starter that can perform tasks efficiently and accurately
  • Easily navigates new technology platforms
  • Possesses the ability to access resources and problem-solve independently

A mobile IV company that performs infusions at patients’ homes, offices, or other locations so they can feel better faster. BC IV Wellness is renowned for using medical-grade, high-quality products that feature powerful vitamins, minerals, supplements, electrolytes, and medications. associated with illnesses, hangovers, acute and chronic medical conditions, and other health issues. You can see the  list of services I perform via IV therapy and injections under the medical direction of a physician.